Source code for mainline.catalog

import inspect
import six
import abc

from mainline.utils import ProxyMutableMapping
from mainline.provider import IProvider

_sentinel = object()
_provider_mapping_factory = dict

[docs]class ProviderMapping(ProxyMutableMapping): ''' Mixin to provide mapping interface on providers ''' _mapping_factory = _provider_mapping_factory def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs): if self.__class__._providers: self._providers = self.__class__._providers.copy() else: self._providers = self._mapping_factory() super(ProviderMapping, self).__init__(self._providers) self.update(dict(*args, **kwargs))
[docs] def update(self, arg, allow_overwrite=False): ''' Updates our providers from either an ICatalog subclass/instance or a mapping. If arg is an ICatalog, we update from it's ._providers attribute. :param arg: Di/Catalog/Mapping to update from. :type arg: ICatalog or collections.Mapping :param allow_overwrite: If True, allow overwriting existing keys :type allow_overwrite: bool ''' # If arg happens to be an ICatalog subclass if inspect.isclass(arg) and issubclass(arg, ICatalog) or isinstance(arg, ICatalog): arg = arg._providers if not allow_overwrite: for key in arg: if key in self._providers: raise KeyError("Key %s already exists" % key) super(ProviderMapping, self).update(arg)
[docs]class ICatalog(object): ''' Inherit from this class to note that you support the ICatalog interface ''' _providers = None
[docs]class CatalogMeta(abc.ABCMeta): ''' Meta class used to populate providers from attributes of Catalog subclass declarations. ''' _provider_mapping_factory = _provider_mapping_factory def __new__(mcs, class_name, bases, attributes): cls = super(CatalogMeta, mcs).__new__(mcs, class_name, bases, attributes) # We may already have providers. If so, make a copy. if cls._providers: cls._providers = cls._providers.copy() else: cls._providers = mcs._provider_mapping_factory() cls._providers.update( {k: v for k, v in six.iteritems(attributes) if isinstance(v, IProvider)} ) return cls
[docs]class Catalog(ICatalog, ProviderMapping): pass